35+ Nice Elephant Tattoos


Elephants are one of the most breathtaking animals in nature. They are massive and usually encompass an entire plane of vision. In fact, they are the biggest land mammal in the world. Aside from their large size, elephants have a very distinct look. Floppy ears, tusks and a trunk are all trademark elephant features. As […]

40+ Sister Tattoos Ideas


Tattoos can express individual passions, yet they are just as often used to unite two or more people. Sisters share one of the strongest bonds in the world. Their relationship can be riddled with its fair share of fights and annoyances, but the bond will remain. More and more sisters are finding that tattoos are […]

35+ Beautiful Lotus Flower Tattoos


A flower floating above the depths of murky water is one of the most symbolic sights in the world. Despite the sinking gravity and muck within the liquid pool, a beautiful plant has emerged to face the sun. It is no wonder that so many cultures have put so much meaning into the lotus flower. […]

35+ Awesome Music Tattoos


Music has an impact on everyone. Even with language barriers, the tone of a song is universal. Whether playing or listening to it, music has a way of changing people’s lives. Most, if not all, people have a song for when they are happy, sad, celebratory, etc. Something that is a huge part of someone’s […]

25+ Beautiful Rose Tattoos


Roses are one of the most symbolic flowers found in nature. A red rose can represent love, passion, beauty or romance. A dark red rose illustrates unconscious beauty. Yellow roses often symbolize joy or friendship. Black roses are known to demonstrate the passing away of a loved one or death in general. It is difficult […]

16 PSD Flyers For Fashion Show & Promo


These Fashion Flyer Design with a unique, vintage, retro style for fashion shows and fashion promotion. All files are PSD. Fashion Event Kit An essential kit to promote your fashion event. Fashion Flyer / Poster Bundle Fashion, Photography, Concert, Festival, Party or weekly event in a music club and other kind of special evenings. Fashion […]

35+ Beautiful Anchor Tattoos


There are a lot of people who share a deep devotion to the sea. Sailors, pirates, veterans, beach dwellers and others all love the crashing waves and endless stretch of blue water. Many people get tattoos of anchors to illustrate their love of the ocean. Anchor tattoos are classic maritime tattoos that feature an anchor […]

40+ Cool Eye Tattoos


Often referred to as the “windows of the soul,” the eyes are typically noticed before any other part of the face. It is believed that you can know a person’s true intentions just by looking them in the eye. As with the tongue and ears, the eye is meaningful because it is a part of […]

40+ Nice Neck Tattoos


Getting a tattoo on the neck requires a lot of thought. The neck or throat is a great place to get inked because the potential for a cool looking tattoo is high, but it is also one of the most noticeable places to get a tattoo. This means that if you are considering getting your […]