15 Useful Photoshop Actions For Watermark


Ready-made actions are a great way to save time and effort on going through common photoshop commands. In this entry specifically, we show you fifteen Photoshop watermark actions which you can use on your photos and other creations. Watermarks help artists and photographers to prevent their work from being stolen or inappropriately used. Watermark actions […]

15 Cool Photoshop HDR Actions


HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging is a technique used on photographs and results into vibrant and detailed images. If you would like to learn how to create HDR images but aren’t interested in learning the old-school and tech-heavy way of doing it, then you’re in luck, because modern image editing technology has made it […]

20 Computer Repair Business Cards PSDs


Don’t miss out on business opportunities by always having your business cards ready. If you run a computer repair or services business and have yet to create a business card for your services, don’t worry! It’s easy to make with business card templates, and below we have listed down twenty that you can use for your […]

15 Beautiful Travel Vacation Brochures Templates


Want to spread the word about your hotel, tour, or holiday packages? Put all the information you want people to know in a brochure! Brochures are a great tool for giving your audience accurate information on what you offer and what makes your company and services different from others. Starting from scratch on a brochure […]

20 Fashion Signage Templates


The fashion industry is filled with competitive brands and businesses trying to make their way to the top. If you have a fashion-related business, store, service or product, make sure you don’t fall behind in the pack and let your community know about you with signages! Here we have listed down twenty fashion signage templates […]