25 Cool Snake Tattoos

Snake Vs Black Panther Tattoo

If would not be a surprise to find out that snake tattoos are the most common kind of body art that has ever been inked. Just think about it. There are so many that use snakes in their body art, not only as the main object of their work, but also as frames and segways […]

30 Nice Yin Yang Tattoos

ying yang tattoos on leg

Eastern mystical religions have found their way into the collective consciousness of Westerners for generations. Many embrace the teachings of Confusions and Buddha. There are many celebrities that have followed these faiths and been lauded for it. There is something interesting about them it appears. In the body art world these mystical religions have crept […]

22 Cool Military Tattoos Ideas

Military dog tags tattoo

Military tattoos have been the life blood of tattoo parlors for generations. Countless millions of soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors have chosen to display their pride in serving their country by having a tattoo inked into their skin. While many got tattoos that had little to do with their branch of the service, most want […]

35 Cool Back Tattoos for Girls


The back is arguably the best location on the body for tattoos. As the largest area of the abdomen, it acts as a giant canvas that is unobstructed by major curves or jutting appendages. This area works especially well for girls, who tend to enjoy mystic, highly-detailed designs. The back can be illustrated during the […]

The Japanese Tattoo Book Review

The Japanese Tattoo

This very attractive photo book is filled with beautiful story lines – through not only photos of unique art, but also through the outlook of the written word. The talented author of these texts does an incredible job of describing the vivid images that appear on the pages through her way with words. She tells […]

40+ Beautiful Owl Tattoos


The owl is an animal that is like no other. Perhaps most amazing is its ability to turn its head 360 degrees. Due to its natural attributes, the nocturnal bird symbolizes many things to different people. For example, owls can see in the dark. Due to this fact, a lot of people have used the […]

41 Cute Cat Tattoos Design

cat and moon tattoo

Cats are an amazing animal. It does not matter if you are talking about your cute little kitty or a ferocious lion, cats are great animals that everyone seems to love. They also have great symbolism to them. A lion is king. A cheetah is fast. A cougar is sleek and deceptive. Cats are also […]