15 Cool Grunge Business Card Templates


Here are Business Card PSDs that designed in grunge & retro style. Vintage Grunge Business Cards Vintage Grunge business cards designed to give that bespoke. Grunge Business Card Template Creative and unique business card template with grunge style. Grunge Business Cards Bundle Grunge Business Card Grunge Business Card Hardcore Grunge Business Cards Dark grunge design with […]

18 Cool Photography Brochure Templates


A Good way to promote your photography career is simply advertising your portfolio. This advertising could be a simple brochure or website portfolio. In this list we collect some photography brochure template for any kind of Photographers.

16 Cool Photoshop Actions For Aged Photo Effects


Photoshop action is a great tool for creating cool effects without spend much time. Here is some photoshop actions for making Photo look aged or old. Old-Time Photography 1802 Hall of Fame Torn Photo Effect Action 11 Old Photo Effects Actions This is a set of 11 Photoshop actions to make your photos look aged […]

14 Cool Fearless Tattoos Design

Taylor Swift Fearless Tattoo

The fearless tattoo is one of the trending beauties taking the market by surprise. Perhaps the love of this tattoo stems from the fact that it shows no fear, which is quite encouraging to the person wearing it as well. Popular among men, this tattoo is one of the best, but only if you place […]

10 Nice jQuery Full Screen Background Plugins


Websites now utilize background images, videos, or background gifs to give a fresh and charming look to the new website. Now a days myriad of websites are showing off their images as full screen backgrounds We have rounded up 10 best jQuery Full Screen Background Plugins. Hope the list helps you. 1. MaxImage 2. Vegas 3. Vide 4. […]

10 jQuery Mobile Menu Plugins


If your website is not responsive, it is bound to fail in 2015 and the years to come. Responsive is a little peculiar because it requires amazing design which has to be equally interactive. It even gets trickier when it comes to fitting the desktop menu on the mobile. It is becomes too congested to […]