27 Beautiful Mom Tattoos Ideas

Mom Tattoos

For as long as there have been body art, there have been young men that have emblazoned mom tattoos or mother tattoos on their bodies. This just seems to be all the rage, and has been for quite some time. I remember looking through pictures of World War I and World War II veterans who […]

The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art


If you are interested in all different kinds of tattoos from all over the world, this book is perfect for you. It contains designs from various different cultures that spread all across the globe. I was really interested in seeing how different tattoo artists could be throughout the world and experiencing new cultures through the […]

22 Nice Shark Tattoos

Tribal Shark Tattoo For Girl

The most terrifying creature of the sea is the shark. Jaws has changed generations of people to fear and be terrified by the carnivores. They truly are a very scary animal. The shark also has a lot of beauty to it. There are hammerheads, tiger sharks, and, of course, the great white. They are really […]

21 Cool Spider Web Tattoos

3D Spiderweb

If you have ever watched a scary movie you know that one of the most eerie looking images is that of the spider web, but that does not have to be the case. Spider webs can also be done to make a statement. Think of the children’s classic Charlotte’s Web. In that story, a spider, […]

Fake Temporary Tattoos Guns

 fake temporary tattoos guns

These temp tattoos are so stinking cute! They surprisingly looked very realistic when I applied them, especially if I set them with some skin colored makeup powder. They are pretty little designs, and I even got asked if they were real by multiple strangers just walking by! I was genuinely shocked when people kept walking […]

60 Nice Sun Tattoos

Yellow Sun Tattoo On Shoulder

The sun is essential for all of life. For thousands of years people have honored the sun, from worshipping it to just enjoying its beauty. There are all kinds of ways that the sun is honored; great art and photos, naming of important establishments, and even some religions are dedicated to the sun. There is […]

25 Nice Samurai Tattoos

Samurai holding Sword Tattoo

The Japanese Samurai is one of the most feared and dangerous warriors in the earth’s history. These were elite guards who were lethal with virtually anything at their disposal. They could throw things with deadly accuracy, and when they used a sword…let’s just say it wasn’t pretty to be their opponent. These warriors were trained […]

20 Nice Spiderman Tattoos

Spiderman Tattoo

Who doesn’t love your friendly neighborhood Spiderman? An average guy who gets bitten by a radioactive spider and he gains super powers. What a great story. Plus he gets to have Kirsten Dunst. What more could a person ask for than that? Maybe you can’t be a superhero, but you can get amazing Spiderman tattoos […]