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5 Useful Tips for Designing A Website

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Today, websites are important for almost every business. This is because they help organizations to not only reach many people but also transverse a wide geographical area. Despite their importance, not all websites can achieve this. Website designers need to be thorough with their work and also follow the following web design tips for their websites to have the desired effect.


People visit websites because there is something or some information that they are looking for. Therefore, ensure that all the webpages on your website have something to offer by coming up with valuable content. You may have the best style but without content, your visors will not appreciate the value of the website and will probably not visit again or even refer someone to it.

Keep the Website Simple

Simplicity is important for any website. To achieve it, you need to think about the content that you have and ways of organizing it. This will ensure that you visitors can easily identify what they are looking for. Keeping your website simple can be achieved by minimizing the number of clicks to important information, limiting page sizes to at most 2 screenfuls and including a link to the homepage on all webpages. You should also avoid frames and consider putting a menu on every page.

Ensure the Website is Readable

Readability of the website greatly determines the amount of time that your visitors will spend on the website and even its usefulness. To ensure that the website is readable, avoid using text that is more than 650 pixels wide while also ensuring that your pages are neither too narrow nor wide. You can also make your text legible by using simple non-text backgrounds or contrasting colors. The text itself should be large enough with enough line spacing so that it can be read across devices and browsers. Lastly, never have any grammatical errors on the website because they show the visitors that you do not even care about what you are offering them.

Invest in Professional Photography

Website visitors can easily identify generic photos on any website. If these images are used on your company website, they bring out the wrong impression of the company being generic too. Therefore, you need to avoid this by using fresh professionally taken images. You can get this images by hiring professional photographers or buying professional stock photos.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

When it comes to color choice for the website, it is recommended that you identify three colors and stick with them throughout the entire website. You should also have in mind that neutral colors make the website appear elegant and professional, and you need to use them if you are designing a company website.

Designing an outstanding website that will separate you from amateurs is not that hard. As long you can incorporate these tips in the design and development stages, you can be assured of achieving this.

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