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Simple Tips For Flyer Design

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When you are using a flyer to advertise the products or services that your business offers then you will want to ensure that you get the design right first time so that you are not wasting money on having flyers produced that will not be effective in getting across the message that you want. There are a number of factors that you should consider when designing a flyer.

Use Of Color

It is important that the flyers that you use are eye catching so that the person that they are handed to is more likely to read it. Color flyers may cost more to produce but in the long term they will be a better investment because they are more likely to be read by potential customers. The colors that are used should be HD if possible as this will make them stand out and make the flyer more attractive to the person who is reading it.

Use Of Images


If the flyer just has text then it may put people off reading it. Using images can help the flyer seem more appealing and make it more likely to attract the attention of the person that you want to read it. However, you will need to find a balance between including images that will get the attention of the potential customer and not using too many images that it puts people off reading the whole flyer. The images and illustrations that are used should be relevant to the product that is being advertised or to your company as a whole so people can immediately see what your business has to offer them.

What Message Does It Give?

Before the final design for the flyer is put into place, you will need to ensure that the flyer gives out the message that you want get across. You may want to inform your customers about a special offer that your business is running at the moment, or you may just be advertising your services in general. Whatever you want to achieve from your leaflet, you need to make sure that your audience is getting the message. The flyer should address the reader personally and give them the opportunity to find out more information by letting them know your website address.


Flyers are a useful way to advertise your business as they can be handed out to a potential clients in any number of different situations. The design of the flyers is important and by following the above tips you can ensure that the message you want to give your potential customers is communicated effectively and in a way that will attract and retain their attention.

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