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50+ Free & Premium Infographic Elements

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Infographic are the best tool for transform complexity of information into simple information that why info graphic become more popular.

Sometimes designing a Infographic is a bit tricky – you have an idea but still need professional design to make it become alive. The best way is to use Infographic elements ( vector or psd files). These infographic elements have free and premium files include PSD and EPS. It depends on what you are looking for.
In this article we share free & premium Infographic elements.

Analytics, World Map & Statistics Elements

Elements of Water Infographics Vector Set

Another Great Infographic Elements

Free Vector Infographic Kit from Wegraphics

Retro Infographic

Numbered Infographics Vector 01

Set of Year Infographic and Diagram Vector Material

Numbered Infographic Design Vector

Infographic Vector Elements Vol2

Another Set of Year Infographic and Diagram Vector Material


Year Infographics Elements Vector 01


Economy Elements Infographics Design Vector

Infographics PSD data elements set vector

Vector Elements Set of IT Technology infographics

Free Infographic PSD Template

Free Infographics Template to Download

Youthedesigner Free Vector Infographic Set

Vector Infographics of World Map

Free Vector Graphic kit

Vector infographic kit

Various Charts and Graphs in Vector format


21 Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 04

Infographic vector elements

Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 05

Economy Infographics and chart design elements vector

Oil Theme Business Infographics Vector Chart

Elements of food infographics vector

Business scheme and Infographics elements vector 02

Flat Infographic Vector Elements

Infographic Vector Elements Vol2


Infochart and comparison chart

Zezu infochart

Wegraphic Infochart

Simple infographic

CSSAuthor Infographic Elements

Infographic Vector Kit

Arrow Timeline Infographics Template

Arrow Timeline Infographics Template

Arrow timeline infographics template. Can be used for workflow layout, banner, diagram, web design.

Business Timeline Infographics

Business Timeline Infographics

Business Timeline Infographics

Business Timeline Infographics 01

Business Arrow Infographics Template


Business Infographic


Vector illustration of business infographic made of globes and design element.

Business Arrow Infographics Template


Business Infographic


Business Lightbulb Infographics Template


Timeline Infographic Template


Infographic Process Template With Labyrinth


Minimal Infographic Template With Puzzle(2 Colors)


Minimal infographic options template with 4 color puzzle elements in line style.

Zig-Zag Line Infographic

Zig-Zag Line Infographic

Real Estate Infographic


Business Infographic


Vector illustration of business infographic made of different blocks.

Business Infographic


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