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5 Free Excel Alternative Software

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Excel is a spreadsheet program provided in the Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the most widely used applications in the whole world when it comes to computing but it comes with a cost attached to the Microsoft package. With many alternatives cropping up in the last decade, many users may consider Excel to be an unnecessary expense for doing any kind of business and computing. There are several alternatives available to Excel in terms of a spreadsheet program. You can choose from many free applications that are offered as small business software tools that can be operated even in the cloud.

  1. Google Docs Spreadsheet There is not a single person today who does not use any of the products offered by Google. It could be Gmail or Google Plus. Most of the people will have a Google account in their name. They can have access to the Google Docs application for Spreadsheet without any effort or extra charge. This is Google’s alternative version to Microsoft’s Excel Sheet. The main difference is that it is made available without any charge and there is no need to download to the desktop. It looks every much the same as Excel’s sheet while it operates inside the web browser. It offers the same functionality as Excel and that includes a range of charts with the facility of creating formulas.


  1. OpenOfficeThis software solution is being used by many businesses today. It has many rich features and is a free alternative to Microsoft’s Excel. This program has to be downloaded and it will operate locally on the PC, like Excel. It will work on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. It looks similar to the sheet in Excel and offers macros and charts. Once it is downloaded, there is no need to access the internet to use the program. The software also allows users to create worksheets, open and edit them.


  1. Zoho Sheet – This is a cloud software application. It is a free app. When the free account is signed for, you can select Productivity Apps and then go to Sheet to create the spreadsheet tool. All its applications are separate. There is no dashboard in its style of interface. It is similar in looks to Excel 2003. It has a toolbar with icons and a menu bar. There will be sorting, inserting and chart tool functions on its toolbar. There is also an Auto Sum function.


  1. Kingsoft SpreadsheetThis free software is compatible with all Excel files and Open*.xls formats. Spreadsheets can be converted by it to PDF files and workbooks. The spreadsheet can also be exported to PDF files directly in this program. The interface has multiple tabs which make it convenient for users to switch between multiple workbooks on a single window job. The window sequences can be optimized. Many formulas have been provided for both daily office tasks and professional business jobs like Sum, Mid, Average and Test.


  1. LibreOfficeThis is an open office software suite which works similarly to OpenOffice as it allows the users to create a spreadsheet and then edit it. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel. It also presents some advanced features in terms of customization and extensions. The software flaunts a Wiki Publisher and a template changer.


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