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5 Best Free Zip/Unzip Softwares

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You have to zip or compress a file on your computer in order to take up lesser space. This will make it easy to email or move that file. Multiple files can be zipped into one single compressed folder. This also makes it easy to share a particular group of files. When a file which is zipped has to be opened, you have to unzip or extract it. Certain files such as JPEG images are highly compressed to begin with; therefore, you do not have to compress them more. The software for zipping and unzipping files can be downloaded to your Windows operating system on your PC. The software offers many features for compressing files and folders to several archive formats like 7Z, ZIP, TAR, CAB and RAR. Decompression can also be done of archives of numerous types with a drag and drop kind of support.

These are the five best free zip/unzip software available to you:


It is utility software to help in the extraction of compressed files. You can create your own kind of compressed files in various formats. You can also send large volume of information with this tool and open the compressed files which you receive without any difficulty. This program is able to manage multiple formats of compression. It can package and unpack files into different formats. Users will face no trouble when they access its basic features. Here is an interesting video that shows you how it can be done.

Win Zip

This software can help unzip all the major formats of files with just one click. You can open all the major types of compression files. The file management offered by this software is rich. It includes features such as `copy to’, `move to’, `rename’ and `delete’. The program also protects your privacy. It will encrypt the files easily as you zip them to keep the data secured. Watermarks can be added to prevent unauthorized copying.

Ken Ward’s Zipper 

This software can be easily downloaded for free use. It is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 operating versions. It is recognized as one of the best free zip/unzip software. This compression program does not trouble you with any irritating pop-ups. It will show the extraction path so that the users are aware of where the files are being exported to. It will also show the size of all the files. You can preview the files in Zip. It attempts to fix all damaged or incomplete zip files. There are several ways in this software to perform similar actions. (website:

CAM unZip

This software can unzip or zip files easily and with speed. It will list the files in a ZIP archive and extract all the files. You can view the files in this archive before you extract them. After unzipping of the files, you can optionally run the setup automatically. The interface of the command line will give features. There are options of accessing the software from the batch files to give you full control of the zip/unzip process. The portable installing option can be run from a USB drive without the necessity of any changes to the computer system.

CAM unZip

Hamster Free Zip 2.0

This program is a useful tool and it works with several archive formats. It has a powerful feature in its Zip algorithm which lessens the time that is required to generate an archive by almost half. It has a multi-core support for the processor. It is recommended for systems both at the office and home. It has a simple drop and drag function for the compression of multiple files.

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