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7 Best Free XML Editor Softwares

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There are quite a large number of XML editor software programs available out there. With so many choices and features to choose from, one usually gets confused in deciding on the best software product that would fulfill all their needs. People go for free programs when it comes to XML editors, the job they do is quite simple and straightforward. Because of this reason, we have chosen 7+ best free XML software applications to review in this post.


Notepad-plus-plus is an extremely user-friendly XML editor that allows you to open multiple XML files simultaneously and work with them. You can easily highlight text, copy and paste it in other windows, and save the file in some other format to open it as a simple text file. It makes the syntax appear in blue font so that the user is able to differentiate between code and content. The best thing about this tool is that it can open and edit other types of language files as well and you can design a macro of small tasks to apply it to all the files you are working with. Moreover, the code can be neatly arranged as the line number is given on the left hand side for better readability and comprehension.



Just like Notepad++, this XML editor also has the ability to edit multiple XML files at the same time. It is as simple as Windows Notepad but there are some really sophisticated features added to it that makes it one of the best free XML editor software applications available out there. You can open HTML, TXT and XML files all at once and work with them in NexPad simultaneously.



This is yet another simple and easy-to-use free XML editor presenting the syntax in blue font so that the user is able to differentiate between the code and the content easily. Unlike other editor software programs, this one also includes a status box at the bottom of the screen to let you see the status of your work. One of the best features of this tool is the ability to create backup files so that your important data is never lost.



This one is a bit different from conventional XML editors as it offers Scripts and Editors to open multiple editors at the same time. It is a java-based free XML editor including a large number of useful features for an expert user who needs to edit various XML and HTML files. However, you will first need to download java software to install and use this tool.



This is another simple yet highly usable XML editor for who want to open multiple files for the sake of comparison. You can open many other language files in this tool to work with all of them simultaneously.


Code Browser

A very easy-to-use and extremely useful code editor for opening and editing many different coding languages simultaneously, Code Browser is undoubtedly one of the best XML editor software programs available out there.



Like Microsoft Word, XmlPad offers three types of views: Grid, Table and Preview for improved functionality. This tool has the ability to open files from a URL and it supports many other file formats like DOC, DOCX, and XLS etc.


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