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Legacies of Japanese Tattoos Book Review

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If you are someone who is really interested in the art of Japanese tattooing, or really thinking about getting a Japanese tattoo, this book is absolutely perfect for you. Bushido is actually the name of the Samurai spirit, which is a really important key element in the art of Japanese tattooing. The book mainly focuses on the main character’s journey through getting a tattoo from the most famous and prestigious Japanese tattoo artist, Horiyoshi III. He then begins to learn from Horiyoshi and becomes his apprentice! This book explains in great detail all that he learned from this great tattoo master and makes it feel like you are almost right there learning from him as well. It teaches you a lot about the art of Japanese tattooing.

Legacies of Japanese Tattoos

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It also includes a collection of photos of these beautiful Japanese tattoos, including 5 original prints from the Japanese tattooing master – which were never published. So, if you are looking for a creative and cultural design for your next tattoo, along with a great context of history, this book is perfect for you. Also, if you’re just looking for a great book to read and you want it to include tattooing because it’s something you’re interested in, this is a great choice. I absolutely could not put it down when I got it. The story of Kitamura’s’ journey with the Japanese tattoo master is capturing and I could barely rip my eyes off the pages. That, along with the beautiful photos of the tattoos, makes this book a must have.

If you are really interested in the history of Japanese tattooing, this book is the most important one to purchase. It says so much about the history of the art of tattooing in Japanese cultures. Horiyoshi is possibly the most important figure in Japanese tattooing, and this book lets you delve right into his work and understand just how he worked. It has amazing details about Horiyoshi and the way that he tattooed.

The illustration in this book is just unreal. The photos are in such high definition. You can really see the detail in every one of the works captured in those photos. It really speaks to an audience who has fallen in love with the art of Japanese tattooing. And even if you have not fallen in love with that yet – this book is sure to make you do so. The beauty of these tattoos is almost explainable.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the art and history of tattooing – especially Japanese tattooing. I would also recommend this book to anyone who wants a very attractive, cultural piece for their coffee table. If your guests pick this up, they absolutely won’t be able to put it down. They will be forever impressed by your choice to have this book. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to find a unique book for their house or looking to find a book they can be completely lost in.


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