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Mammoth Book of Tattoos Review

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I just came across this book in a local bookstore and I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it is! It features amazing artists and, to be honest, the first thing to drag me in was the dragon on the front. I can not seem to put it down and can not wait to purchase the next one in this series. I wanted something very tribal and multicultural to put on my coffee table for my guests that would really catch their eye as soon as they sat down. The cover of this book really pops out and grabs the attention of anyone in it’s immediate surroundings. They even have amazing hieroglyphics that I found extremely interesting. This book has a lot of history in it and I really love the artworks portrayed in it. The photos are extremely high quality too, which is awesome. This is a very high-quality book that exudes nothing but class for your home.

The Mammoth Book of Tattoos

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You could honestly get this book for so many different reasons. Whether you are getting your first tattoo, planning your next or just looking for a cool book to throw on your coffee table for decoration – it’s perfect for everything. It really is a cute, chic book to lay out on your coffee table if you have modern decor. But be careful, there is a bit of nudity – so if you have kids, just do not let them look inside. There is a lot of Japanese-style tattoos in there as well. It is a very cultural book and can teach you a lot about the different designs from various parts of the world. There is a lot of knowledge fixed into these pages. There is not much said about the artists or the artwork itself, but the pictures of the works can speak for themselves. They speak for thousands of years of the history of other cultures. They are greatly designed and jump off the page. It will definitely impress your guests, and look excellent on your coffee table.

This book actually even inspired one of my friends to pick up designing and drawing again! She draws beautiful designs of dragons and various Japanese culture pieces. She even learned how to draw the Chinese symbols in their alphabet. This book actually helped her fall in love with designing again and she is even thinking about getting into tattooing. If you’ ae looking to be a tattoo artist, or are just interested in the models themselves, this is an excellent book for you. The images really move you and make you feel like a tattoo is so much more than just ink, which is precisely what a symbol is supposed to do. The tattoos are filled with multiple meanings and it really inspires young artists to want to do more with their work. It is really a great inspiration piece for anyone who is interested in the art of tattooing and I would recommend for anyone who is really interested in tattoos, in general, to purchase it.


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