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Metallic Temporary Tattoos Arrow

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These tattoos are so cute! I was really looking for something that would be a cool addition to a rave or black light party because on my 19th birthday I threw a rave party with black lights and all. I wanted something that was not too cheesy or looked too young for my age group. I also wanted something very tribal that I could wear again. This was the perfect product to solve my problem! There is a bunch of tribal designs within this set and they really do stay on the skin for a while! These tats do not wash off easily with water and I was really surprised at just how quickly and smoothly these transferred onto my skin from the paper. The designs on these are also extremely popular right now, and the price is only going to go up from here, so I would hop on this product as soon as possible before the prices skyrocket into oblivion. Absolutely every teenage girl in the world right now is obsessed with tribal symbols and indie music – and this is the kind of thing that they buy to fit their style. So if you want to get a product like this for your teen daughter, cousin, niece, or friend for Christmas or birthday or another celebration, you better hurry up and buy before the price gets too steep!

Metallic Temporary Tattoos Arrow

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The only problem that I really had with this product was that some of them were faulty when I tried to apply them. But that is pretty common with temporary tattoos. You can’t really expect them to be perfect. Other than that, they didn’t need too much water to soak through the paper and put the temp tattoo on your skin. And I was really impressed with how long they stayed on. I went through three showers and these tattoos were still holding on strong. And even though they were not washing off with a rinse if you used a little body scrub they came right off! There was no need to scratch at my skin, there was not any redness, I was really impressed with this!


Also, the quality of the designs is impressive. This really is perfect for you if you are looking for some temporary tattoos that are not perceived as childish. They are also perfect for EDM events like Coachella or Firefly! I saw a lot of people with body paint tribal designs on them, and I just thought these would have been so much cooler. My cousin also used them for her birthday party, and everyone had a lot of fun with them! Another option would be body paint, but that can be extremely messy and can very easily smudge or get messed up when applying it or even after it dries. But these are pre-designed and easy to put on! They go on within seconds and give a very indie vibe to your look. I really would recommend this product to anyone looking for some fresh, cheap temporary tattoos.

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