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5 Free Bootable USB Creator Softwares

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There are many advantages of the creation and use of bootable USB drives for the installation of new operating systems in comparison with installations done with the help of bootable DVDs. This is because the USB drive is very easy to create, reuse or erase. You will be able to install a multiple operating system on the same Universal Serial Bus at one time. The boosting becomes faster and the installation speed also becomes quicker. The software for bootable USB creators is portable and very easy to manage. The procedure is quite straight forward and here are five of the best free software that can make your USB device ready within a matter of five minutes. The Windows operating system with versions 7 and 8.1 can easily be installed from a bootable USB.


  1. Rufus – This software is ideal for you when you do not want to look for separate tools for each operating system you want to test. Rufus is easy to use and you can follow its simple instructions. It detects the drive capacity automatically and you can identify quite easily the device that you will be formatting. You can choose the drive and select a file system and give it a label. For Windows, you have to keep it NTFS. The ISO image of the operating system you are targeting can be located. This image has to be a valid and bootable image on the hard disk as Rufus will be able to scan this image before it is loaded.



  1. WinToBootic – This is a basic kind of software with minimum options. All you have to do is drag and then drop the ISO image. You can also click on the `drop ISO here’ icon. It will help in detecting the USB media automatically. You have to then click the `Do It’ button and leave the rest to this software. You can run this without installation and minimal interface is required.



  1. RMPrepUSB – This software offers all settings and options in one tool. Advanced users love this program for testing out a new operating system out of a bootable USB disk. In this program, you can make a partition in the USB drive as you can do with your hard disk. It will make it highly useful for saving of files and the drive can also be used as a separate file storing folder. This software supports all the operating systems.



  1. Universal USB Installer – This software has been designed exclusively for Linux distributions. You can select the distribution of Linux from your drop down menu and it will offer a homepage link from where the distribution can be downloaded directly. If you already have that on your local disk, you may then browse to ISO disk and choose the correct USB flash drive to prepare it for booting for your Linux distribution. One of its popular features is the possibility of preparation of a live rescue disk of antivirus by using it. The software will also support Windows 7 operating system.



  1. WinSetUp From USB – This is a software tool for people who would like to install many operating systems on just one USB drive. It will allow you to install Windows 7, Vista or any Linux distribution by using the Ubuntu variant and SysLinux in one USB device. When you prepare your USB drive, you will be offered a whole list of operating systems that are installed on that thumb drive and you can choose your preferred operating system that you want to boot from. It has a simple interface.



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