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Fake Temporary Tattoos Guns

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These temp tattoos are so stinking cute! They surprisingly looked very realistic when I applied them, especially if I set them with some skin colored makeup powder. They are pretty little designs, and I even got asked if they were real by multiple strangers just walking by! I was genuinely shocked when people kept walking up to me asking where I got the gun tattoos. The guns are so detailed that people were walking right up to me, observing them, complimenting me immensely, and even asking me who designed the guns! The look on their faces when I had to explain to them that these were fake, temporary tattoos was absolutely priceless. Also, the price is amazingly low for the great quality of this product. I really was extremely impressed with the exceptional quality and the tiny price. I just could not believe that a fake, temporary tattoo could look this real and be priced this low!

 fake temporary tattoos guns

And they did not irritate my skin as most temporary tattoos usually do. They went on easy, just a few dabs of a wet washcloth and it was easily transferred from the paper to my skin. They wash off very easily too! Just add a bit of soap to a damp washcloth and rub gently in

Circles in the area. My skin did not suffer from any irritation, redness, or breakouts! I have very sensitive skin, and usually whenever I put any type of fake tattoo or anything like that on it, I break out immediately. But not with these! I was really happy to find that this left my skin feeling and looking the same as it did before I applied the tattoo. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin and is looking for a temporary tattoo that will not cause much irritation.


The only thing was that some of the designs did not transfer very well. Some of them broke apart upon impact of water on the paper. The paper just shriveled up and I ended up having to throw out a couple of the designs. Also, the paper was kind of hoarse and felt scratchy on my skin. Sometimes the design half transferred, and the rest just would not come off of the journal. I tried as hard as I could to get them off, I even scratched at it with my nail, but it just would not budge. And one of them just would not come off of the transfer paper at all. It was completely stuck to it and there way no amount of water that would moisten it to the point that it would transfer the paper. But most of them were perfect, and really stood out on my skin. I got amazing compliments and I could not believe how many people thought they were real. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for something that looks real – just do not expect every single tattoo in this package to work correctly.

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