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Fantasy Lower Back Tattoos Package

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Fantasy Lower Back Tattoos Package

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If you want a tramp stamp – but do not actually want a tramp stamp – this package is perfect for you. It really allows you to try out some fun with it and see what it would actually look like on you. They go on smoothly, and the designs are kind of cute. But it is a little annoying that you have to have someone else do it to your skin because of the placement of the tattoo.


Also, it is great for parties or Halloween – especially if you are dressing up as a sexy – anything. If you are having a Bachelorette party, this is a great addition. It is funny and sexy all at the same time. Especially if you are going out to a bar or a club, this will be a great way of knowing who is in your group.


I was pretty skeptical about letting somebody else apply it to my lower back because I knew that they could very easily mess it up – but these tattoos were pretty easy to use. They came onto my skin perfectly and right away with just a little bit of water and pressure. It only took about 7 seconds for the designs to transfer from the paper to my skin. The only thing is that it faded off pretty quickly. Within two showers, it was completely gone. So if you are looking to have it for a long period of time, this is not the right product. Also, do not go in a pool with it unless you plan to have it smeared off your skin.


It says that they also apply quickly to mirrors and clothing, but that did not actually work when I tried it. They broke apart and only half of the design transferred when I held it down for about 20 seconds. This was irritating because I thought it would be a really cute and funny decoration for these big mirrors I have on my walls. So if you’re looking to jazz up your mirrors or your windows or anything of that sort, this probably is not the best product. Because of wetting the paper onto the mirror, that also stuck on along with half of the actual design. And when I went to clean it off my mirror it just smeared all over the place. I ended up having to scrub it with goo-gone, which was a hassle that I really did not need to go through.


Also, if you only want the tattoo for a day, it is pretty hard to scrub off. My skin turned pretty red and it left a lot of residues behind. There was a clear slimy residue on my skin – the kind of like the backing of a sticker – and I had to use a skin exfoliate with a rough sponge to completely get rid of the substance. Other than that, it is a pretty good product. It is cute and fun, and I would recommend definitely recommend it to people who are using it for a Halloween costume or a Bachelorette party.




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