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Superior Tattoo Bible: Book One Review

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This gorgeously illustrated book truly has an extremely broad variety of outstanding and diverse tattoos in it. The high definition, almost 3D, photos are crisp, sharp, and wonderfully taken with a DSLR camera. The articulate designs that are captured in this book are all very unique and really represent a deeper meaning. They have everything in these photos from traditional tattoo designs to very unique and different designs that most people would not expect to see in an example tattoo book in a shop. This book is truly an excellent product for anyone who is looking to be highly inspired by their next special tattoo or design. It is also great for anyone who is looking to be inspired to find new creative processes to try out.

Superior Tattoo Bible- Book One


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This wonderful collection of images is written by Superior Tattoo, who is one of the best, most well known and talented equipment suppliers for tattoo artists around the world. This company ship all over the world and really has a knack for producing great quality material, and this book is no different than their other products. They do not sell anything but the best. International Tattoo Art magazine has even rated them the number 1 tattoo equipment supplier! They have everything one needs for great, quality, colorful tattoos – and this book just goes to prove it.

The impressive designs are wonderfully colorful and really jump off the page and elicit a certain feeling of inspiration in the viewer. They will inspire you to do much more than just get a tattoo, I believe they will make you want to draw. You will really fall in love with the designs and dream about designing some yourself – maybe you will even buy a sketch book and start just drawing some sketches down for fun! This book is just an all-around inspirational piece that is perfect for anyone that loves tattoos or art. It can get your brain flowing and create ideas in your head that you can transfer onto paper and make great tattoo designs for people that crave the inspirational photos in ink form on their skin.

This collection is really great for someone who is trying to get into the art of tattooing or get new ideas for their own personal designs. It inspires all artists to grab a pencil and start sketches just whatever comes to their minds. It starts a flow of creativity and passion. It also exhibits a lot of different techniques for sketching and designing and can actually inspire someone to start creating new ways of drawing and trying new techniques. It is also, in my

Opinion, a great reference book for someone who is just learning how to sketch tattoos and wants to find out new ways to manipulate their talents. The book is full of very flashy, colorful tattoos that are not really meant for everyone. But if you are looking for something that really jumps off the page and screams at you, this is the book for you. The bright colors speak wonders and really evoke inspiration for new material.

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