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The Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art

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If you are interested in all different kinds of tattoos from all over the world, this book is perfect for you. It contains designs from various different cultures that spread all across the globe. I was really interested in seeing how different tattoo artists could be throughout the world and experiencing new cultures through the beautiful art of tattooing. This book features a striking array of unique artists from extremely different places throughout the world that practice all different kinds of traditions and drawing techniques in their cultures. And I was really impressed with just how diverse this book is. There was so much to take in. The collection features all different kinds of tattooing on the body. It contains everything from sleeves to body pieces, tribal pieces to airbrush designs, and even some abstract designs. This book has almost any kind of design you could imagine on any part of the body.


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They also feature some of the top, most popular and talented tattoo artists of this era. Plus, the book is from 2011, so it is pretty recent for a tattoo book and contains some of the most current prominent figures in the tattoo world. It features intricate photos of detailed tattoos and really delves into the exciting and truly unique ways that each inspired artist designs their artworks. Every single artist in this spacious book has a different way of designing their works and I thought that was very interesting to see.


This book also can inspire a lot of young, creative artists to create new material and really use their imaginations to come up with beautiful works. It contains beautiful designs that evoke emotions in people and create a spark in them to start drawing and dreaming and acting on those dreams. Inspiration is a huge part of this book and I really recommend it for anyone who is looking to find some inspiration or new ideas for tattooing. This collections has page after page of beautiful pieces that were created by someone who has a true love for the art of tattooing, and that really speaks to people through the page. The artists scream their diaries through the photos and it makes one feel very close to them and feel exactly what they were feeling when they were sketching the tattoos.


The pictures are defined and detailed and colorful and I really could not be happier with the quality of the tattoos. If you are looking to be inspired, this is definitely the book for you. If you are looking to find a new tattoo you want, this is definitely the book for you. If you’re looking to see how tattoos change all around the globe, this is definitely the book for you. I think you get what I am trying to say. This book is just a great example of tattoos for all ages, all genders, all creative preferences. It has diversity, and beauty, and I really would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a very inspirational tattoo book filled with beautiful photos to inspire them.


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