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Tree – temporary tattoos Review

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Tree - temporary tattoos


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Get in touch with your inner nature with these matte trees, they add life and individuality to those who use this product. This design is so cute, and it is really cheap for the quality of conception. They are very hip and new to the tattoo world. Many young people are looking at these plans to permanently get on themselves – and these fakes are so realistic that everyone will think you went out and got one done! I was really impressed with how quickly it transferred onto my skin – and how real it looked once it was dry! All I had to do was press a washcloth of cold water onto the paper and gently rub it down for a few seconds before very gently and carefully pulling back the paper. Be very careful of how fast or hard you pull back the paper – because the first time I applied these tats, the entire design got messed up and broke all over my skin. The paper crinkled up with the design still on it and there was so retrieving it. But eventually I got the hang of it and it looked incredible! I got a lot of compliments on it and was asked multiple times where I got it and if it was real. Everyone wanted to know who drew the little black sketch! I was a bit disappointed that there were only two in the entire set – but at the same time the price is really low so I can’t be too upset about it.


Also, it says on this page that they last up to 5 days, but mine washed off within just three days of being applied. As soon as I got into the shower and the water hit it, it faded a bit. And the second time I showered it erased completely from the skin. They are completely washed off with just some warm water, and I was pretty upset about that. I really wanted something that was going to last a while so that I could actually try out having the design on my skin and figuring out whether or not I would permanently want a design like this to be a part of my body. If that is what you are looking for then this product is probably not for you, unless you plan to apply it multiple times within a week.


But other than that, this really is a pretty good, quality product. The trees look gorgeous on the skin and really do look like a real tattoo. It actually sounds like it was pressed and inked into the skin by a professional tattoo artist. I had multiple people walk up to me and ask where I got it. It was so funny to see their faces when I told them it was a fake, pressed on tattoo that I bought on the internet. I would definitely recommend this product for someone who is really looking for a generally cheap temporary tattoo with a fresh design that people will think is real.

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