19 Nice Cartoon Style WordPress Themes

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To make your website look different from the regular ones, you can choose to put cartoon templates. Cartoon templates are not only for children websites. Cartoon templates can be put onto an adult’s website too. Your website will to be totally different from other websites if you use carton templates. Cartoon templates make everything look unique, attractive and memorable. The colors used in these themes are funky and bright. When users pick up any of these template designs it will remind them about their childhood days.

Value of skillful people and their designs is evident. Designers charge in very different ways as there ways of designing Cartoon Style WordPress Themes is beautiful. If one is charging according to per hour rate than some other will charge according to labor rate. So this is not much of an importance. Important is that what quality those designers are availing. Because of highly integrated management system’s costs have increased to a very highly undesired way.

Here are the 20 Nice Cartoon Style WordPress Themes for your designing:

1. Toddlers – Child Care & Playgroup WordPress Theme

Toddlers - Child Care & Playgroup WordPress Theme


2. Zombie – Animated 404 Page

Zombie - Animated 404 Page

3. Chemistry – Responsive Portfolio & Shop WP Theme

Chemistry - Responsive Portfolio & Shop WP Theme

4. TimeVille


5. Pets & Vets – WordPress & WooCommerce

Pets & Vets - WordPress & WooCommerce

6. Merry Christmas – Illustrated/Animated LESS Theme

Merry Christmas - Illustrated-Animated LESS Theme

7. 404 Error Cartoon Page

404 Error Cartoon Page

8. Color Room – Responsive Parallax Theme

Color Room - Responsive Parallax Theme

9. Blogo – Responsive WP Theme for Creative Bloggers

Blogo - Responsive WP Theme for Creative Bloggers


10. Lumenosity – Multipurpose WordPress theme

Lumenosity - Multipurpose WordPress theme

11. Machine Animated HTML5 Template

Machine Animated HTML5 Template

12. Village – Responsive Template

Village - Responsive Coming Soon Template

13. Toonjuice: Responsive Template

Toonjuice- Responsive Template

14. Bara – Error Template

Bara - Error Template

15. Kids Toys – WordPress Shop Theme

Kids Toys - WordPress Shop Theme

16. Elements Site Template

Elements Site Template

17. Under the Trees

Under the Trees

18. Under the Trees – Illustrated Template

Under the Trees - Illustrated Template

19. Deep Blue

Deep Blue

20. Chemistry – Responsive Portfolio & Shop Template

Chemistry - Responsive Portfolio & Shop Template