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22 Cool Animal Icons Sets (Vector file)

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These are cool animal icons vector files for any design purposes.

60 Animals & Insects Blue & Black Icons

Suitable for: Mobile Apps, Websites, Print, Presentation, Illustration, Templates.

16 Cartoon Animal Icons

This resource contains sixteen friendly cartoon animal icons.

48 Flat Design Animals Icons Set

60 Animals & Insects Flat Round Icons

Pixity – 310 Flat Icons

Pixity flat icons are handy and pretty icons with simple and sleek art style.

Domestic animals thinline icons

Thin Stroke Line Icons on White Background.

Marine Animals Thinline Icons

1225 Animals icon set

40+ Animals Vector Icons

Find the best animal faces flat icons in this collection.

Set of 20 Animals Icons

36 Marine Animals icons

It is a set of Marine Animals simple web icons.

Prehistoric Animals vector icons

Animals & Insects Icons

60 unique icons in 12 different styles.

Farm animals outline icons set. Vector head

Animal Faces Line Icons

Animals & Insects Line Icons

Prehistoric Animals Outlines vector icons

Animals icon set

Animals icons pack (free)

Funny animals collection (free)

Simple birds silhouettes (free)

71 Free Animal Icons

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