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20 Nice Photoshop Actions For Creating 3D Object

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These are cool photoshop actions for transform 2D object to 3D. 

1. 3D Photo Creator Action

2. 3D Map Generator – Action

Create your own 3D maps with only one click! Every shape is possible and delivers a professional result.

3. 3D Map Generator – GEO

4. 3D Layers

3D Layers gives you the power to turn your layers into 3D extrusions with just one click.

5. 3D Map Generator – Terrain from Heightmap

6. 3D Map Generator 2 – Isometric

7. Universal 3D Generator Action

8. 3D Book Cover 006

Photoshop action to create book/ebook covers in a few seconds.

9. 3D Box 006

10. 3D Book Cover 007

11. 3D Glossy Maker

12. Advanced 3D Generator

Create your advanced 3D objects with Advanced 3D Generator.

13. World 3D Map Generator

14. 3D Reflections: PS filter

15. 3D Stage Background Creator

16. SmartIcon Generator 2 – Isometric 3D Icons

17. 3D Box Action Pack

18. 3D Book Cover 004

19. 3D Badge Converter

20. 3D Map Generator Pro – Easy Routes


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