35 creative print ads

Advertising is a form of communication aiming at persuading audience (viewers, readers or listeners) either to take some action, purchase a product or select an item…The more creative the ad is, the greater the chance of being noticed by the public…. To illustrate some cool print ads, we have compiled 35 Creative Print Ads to […]

Facebook’s own custom android app

Introducing Facebook Home which is tightly integrating the social network into the very fabric of the Android platform. You will almost never even need to use the Facebook app itself. For a power user this is going to be very cool, and for everyone else, it will be interesting to see the gravity of the […]

10 most funny Beer Commercials

With plenty of Beer options available in market, beer manufacturers need to make their brand stand out from the crowd. Male being the primary target audience, sex appeal has being largely used by the industry in ad campaigns. Using humor is also great way to do this — if you can make people laugh, you’ve […]

Trillion Dollar Campaign

For protesting against Zimbabwe’s record braking hyperinflation in October 2008, The Trillion Dollar Campaign was launched in 2009 for promoting newspaper The Zimbabwean as well as increasing awareness of the total collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar. Instead of explaining problems faced by the newspaper creative team of TBWA Hunt Lascaris associated campaign with country’s collapse, the […]

Diesel – Be Stupid

Diesel sparked quite a bit of controversy with launch of “Be Stupid” campaign in 2010. The ads showed men and women in various situations that are considered indecent,unsafe proactive and being stupid,. ASA concluded that ‘ the content of posters was likely to cause serious offense to adults in an untargeted medium and is unsuitable […]

Beautiful Travel Tourism websites

The travel and tourism is one of most vibrant and exciting industry among the business world. Because of its international character, it relies heavily on web as marketing tool as compared to other business. It’s also one of most “online” one.   With internet becoming number one resource for booking hotel accommodation ,air tickets, car […]

Latest Creative Print Advertising

In days of viral videos,print advertising is getting overlooked, but it’s as relevant and powerful as ever. Print advertising should be recognizable & should be obvious for whom it is meant without seeing the brand name. Despite what you can achieve with software like Photoshop, you still need a concept which will stick in people’s […]