24 Cool Tiger Tattoos

Among meat eater animal the tiger is considered as the strongest animal in the jungle or forest. Tiger symbol represent willpower, courage and strength. Because of its beauty and symbolic meaning, most people use tiger symbols as their tattoo. Here is a list of cool tiger tattoos pictures ideas for your inspiration. Black and White Angry […]

20+ Cool Tattoos on Lips

Human lips are soft, movable, tactile sensory part. Also, Lips can be used for kissing whether love or friendship. Some people thought it’s cool to have tattoos on their lips . In this list below is some cool tattoos pictures on lips for your inspiration. Lip Tattoo Ideas – Skull with cross bones ‘Lovely’ Lip Tattoo Heart […]

50 Rocking and Daredevil Tattoos for Men

Tattoos are the one thing that gets you out of your normal fashion sense. And what if you make some daredevil way? You are sure going to stand up in crowd with this. So here are some really freaking tattoo designs for men. They are surely not going to fail you when you go for […]

80 Crazy and Amazing Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Do you love body art? If yes then these crazy and amazing tattoo designs are surely going to blow your mind. It takes lots of skill and precision to do tattoo designs full of intricate detail. It doesn’t matter whether you are first timer or tenth, we just have one thing on our mind; to […]

45 beautiful tattoo designs for girls

Tattoo designing has been practiced by many cultures from centuries. Did you know that even island of Great Britain takes its name from tattooing; Britons translates as “people of the designs”, and Picts, the peoples who originally inhabited the northern part of Britain, literally means “the painted people”? The word tattoo is loaned to English […]