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35+ Nice Finger Tattoos

Fingers are adorned with decorations for a variety of reasons. A ring can imply engagement or marriage. The reason can even be as simple as a fashion statement. Each finger… Keep Reading


35+ Cool Angel Wing Tattoos

The awe-inspiring image of angels has captivated people throughout time. Since the mythology of angels was set in place, artists, poets and writers have all been trying to capture their… Keep Reading


35+ Nice Elephant Tattoos

Elephants are one of the most breathtaking animals in nature. They are massive and usually encompass an entire plane of vision. In fact, they are the biggest land mammal in… Keep Reading


40+ Sister Tattoos Ideas

Tattoos can express individual passions, yet they are just as often used to unite two or more people. Sisters share one of the strongest bonds in the world. Their relationship… Keep Reading


25+ Beautiful Rose Tattoos

Roses are one of the most symbolic flowers found in nature. A red rose can represent love, passion, beauty or romance. A dark red rose illustrates unconscious beauty. Yellow roses… Keep Reading


40+ Cool Eye Tattoos

Often referred to as the “windows of the soul,” the eyes are typically noticed before any other part of the face. It is believed that you can know a person’s… Keep Reading


40+ Nice Neck Tattoos

Getting a tattoo on the neck requires a lot of thought. The neck or throat is a great place to get inked because the potential for a cool looking tattoo… Keep Reading


35+ Cool Dragon Tattoos

Dragons have been a part of several cultures throughout history. From European mythology to ancient Chinese folklore, the dragon has always been there to enthrall lovers of fantastic creatures. People… Keep Reading

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