Smart Old Lady – Creative print ads

Print advertising seems to be old fashioned elder sibling to digital. But don’ be hasty to dismiss this wonderful creative medium. Just when seems like most innovative campaigns are going viral, print advertising pulls it out of bag. Take a look at these cool and clever print ads telling you how much life there is […]

Stunning Wall Calligraffiti

A blend of calligraphy & graffiti, Calligraffiti is an art of mixing Japanse & Arabic characters. Sometimes it is also created using western alphabets in eastern style. Though its not very well known art but is very famous among some designers. We are showcasing some awesome & stunning exmaples of calligraffiti. Enjoy them!! You may […]

Condom’s glowing in dark

Earth Hour is a worldwide event organized by World Wide Fund for Nature held towards the end of March annually.It encourages households and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about the need to take action on climate change. 60 minutes without using electricity can be little boring, so as […]

Sex in advertising

Advertising and sexuality has relationship from starting of advertising itself. Sexual appeals used in ads are of many types, attractive models, portraying nudity or suggestiveness. Explicit sexual imagery is been used heavily in consumer oriented print advertising. Controversies apart of good or bad – sexuality is being considered one of most powerful tools of advertising. […]

Print Media Innovations

What next will come out in Print? Marketers are trying hard to go extra mile when it comes to print ads.Starting with Jackets ,Edit Wraps,Sky Bus its going on and on. Latest in line comes the handwritten front page for Korp Pen by Midday Pune. Page 1 of the Pune edition was designed by  Pawan […]

Gmail update for android

Google has updated Gmail application for android phones running on 4.1 Jelly Bean. Following the update users can reply archive, and delete incoming emails directly frm notification tray. These app will allow user to customise notifications, set up different sounds for mails with different labels.   In addition to these, the app brings faster search […]

All India Radio on Social Media

With increasing popularization of social media finally All India Radio (AIR) has launched its live streaming of Urdu service FM Gold on Youtube and android based application for news service. These attempt has been done to address communication needs of youth and audience following new technologies. Screenshot of Android application  Live Streaming The live streaming […]

End of world – ARS jet pro

  Advertising Agency: Dentsu Plus, Bangkok, ThailandChief Creative Officer: Subun KhowArt Directors: Supparat Thepparat, Naphol Chantapakorn Click here for more clutter breaking ads

Water Generating billboard

Face of advertising & marketing is changing rapidly due to extensive use of easily available technology. But have you ever come across a water Billboard Generator. Created for University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru with help of DraftFCB in a city that sits in middle of desert with almost no rainfall, area where […]

Breaking Through the Clutter

An average consumer is exposed to large volume of advertising messages daily. This is caused due to over crowding of markets with products leading to high competition. With this it is getting difficult for marketers and advertisers to get noticed. So they opt for various innovative ways to break the clutter resulting into some best […]