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10 Free jQuery Parallax Scrolling Plugins

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The term Parallax is derived from Greek word, parallaxis, which means alteration. Modern web designs are frequently using the technique of parallax scrolling to move images, text around the web page frame to create interesting visual movements.
One page themes and templates using different parallax scrolling effects to zoom up or down on a very long single page is becoming common. These kinds of themes are very popular with the creative designers, web studios wanting to layout their portfolio, team info and contact details and everything else on one page by adding a cool parallax zooming effect to it. This type of navigational effects can also be created by using some jQuery Parallax Plugins.
Using Javascript and jQuery framework you can achieve all these cool effects in your website design. There are lots of jQuery WordPress plugins available using which you can add extra functionality to your design. In today’s write-up we have gathered free parallax scrolling plugins. This parallax scrolling plugins are easy to use and implement. Below are the 10 jQuery Parallax Scrolling Plugins.Recommended Reading – 10 Best jQuery plugins from October 2013
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Parallax Scrolling Plugins



Parallax Scrolling Plugins


Parallax Scrolling Plugins


Parallax Scrolling Plugins


Parallax Scrolling Plugins

jQuery Scroll Parallax Plugin

Parallax Scrolling Plugins


Parallax Scrolling Plugins

jQuery Parallax

Parallax Scrolling Plugins

Parallax Slider With jQuery

Parallax Scrolling Plugins
Source | Demo

Check other premium jQuery plugin

freshD – 3D Parallax jQuery Plugin with Editor


source | demo

Parallax Slider – Responsive jQuery Plugin


Source & Demo

fresh Parallax Under Construction Countdown


Source | Demo

Asura Parallax Image Rotator


Source | Demo

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