The Android App Development Process

Android apps are simply small programs that enable the app to perform certain tasks. The development of an app may not be as intricate and detailed as the development of desktop computer software, but the process is very similar. This article assumes that the developer has a client (which will most likely be you). Planning, […]

Mobile apps to make your business travel easier

Travelling can be painstaking and seem more lengthy and lethargic if one has to face various hurdles every now and then. Moreover while travelling for business purposes means more to achieve in lesser time and that too all business. While travelling one may not have their secretaries to do the odd jobs like confirming the […]

Understanding Android SDK, Android OS For Mobile Apps Development

Android is engaged in conquering the mobile application development market and there are a large number of companies who have moved on to mobile application development by working on Android app development projects. Well, Android is an open source platform, hence its popularity is growing steadily and there are a number of mobile application developers […]

Top 8 Fitness Gadgets of 2013

Personal activity trackers are becoming increasingly trendy as millions of people worldwide struggle to increase activity, lose weight, and on the whole improve health and fitness. It’s getting much easier to track our fitness, health and exercise with a widening range of gadgets and gizmos. The technology behind these gadgets is evolving quickly and giving […]