20 Free BaseBall Fonts For Designer

Baseball fonts for designer are a tough task to find online as there are very few sites that provide sport based typography. Normally, in web, finding designer fonts is an easy task and very quick to apply but to design a sports blog or logo, you may need such fonts that are aggressive in look, […]

15 Websites Using Typography in Beautiful and Creative Ways

Continuing with our last few posts which focused on typography, in today’s post we are showcasing 15 websites using typography in beautiful and creative ways. Typography is one of core design principles; it helps you to set the theme, tone and message of your website. Typography is an art which involves thoughtful and deliberate selection […]

50 inspiring websites with an humanly touch

Use of hand drawn illustrations and typography in web designing has been there for quite some time. The main motto behind using illustrations and typography was to give websites a non digital look and adding a more humanly touch. The trend started by Microsoft in 2007 with launch of Zune has returned strongly. ” Mimimalistic […]

Sweetest Typography

Who doesn’t know what “Typography” is in the mad ad world.The art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible has been used by most of designers some or other times. What if the typography was “SWEET”??The sweetest typography has long been found on candy packaging (candy bars and boxes). Candy bars […]