30+ Icons Design Tutorials For Illustrator

Free Icons sound awesome but sometimes you need to use specific icons which doesn’t provide free or low resolution icons which it doesn’t fit your project. Still learning design icons maybe the fun part when you know how to design your own icons.  Drawing a Pencil Icon | more info 3D Isometric Vector Icon Tutorial | […]

20+ Useful Characters Game Sprites (Vector EPS)

These game Sprites are for any kind of 2D games like shooting, zombie, adventures, hero etc. They include multiple characters and vector graphic such as EPS, AI. Characters Spritesheet 12 Game Assets Character Spritesheets Character spritesheets. Jetpack This Charcters sprites is suit for side scrolling games assets. Scrolling Shooter Character Game Asset Scrolling Shooter Character […]

30 Amazing Portraits of Pop Culture Heroes

A series of 32 beautifully illustrated portraits of pop culture heroes by Mike Mitchell which had been put up at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. The series entitled “Pop Culture Hero Portraits” features 32 portraits of what pop culture has brought to our world in last 30 years. Do also check A 97 year old partially blind […]

50 inspiring websites with an humanly touch

Use of hand drawn illustrations and typography in web designing has been there for quite some time. The main motto behind using illustrations and typography was to give websites a non digital look and adding a more humanly touch. The trend started by Microsoft in 2007 with launch of Zune has returned strongly. ” Mimimalistic […]