20 Cool Monster Tattoos

Everyone has the right to print whatever tattoo they wish on their body, but in a society guided by a few rules and regulations, you should not always be ready to break them and set new ones, especially certain classes of such rules. Monster tattoos may look like something good to place on your skin, […]

20 Cool Motorcycle Tattoos

Human beings are strange creatures, always turning things the other way round and gaining new knowledge where none exists. Tattoos continue to be part of the most recent hits in the beauty industry, but they seem to be getting the better of man as time goes by. From creatures to new machines appearing on the […]

20 Cool Nurse Tattoos

Tattoos continue to be the newest and most lovely way of expressing inner affections towards certain things, or perhaps marking some permanent change in life. While tattoos continue to gain prominence as well as general social acceptance in life, you have to consider a few things if you are looking for nurse tattoos to imprint […]

15 Cool Kiss Tattoos

A kiss has always been the fire to light up love and romance. Do you know that kiss tattoos can add fuel to the already burning fire? Well, you need to know just that, but what exactly do kiss tattoos help you achieve? Well, you may know what a kiss means, an affectionate one for […]

17 Cool Iron Man Tattoos

You definitely do not need anyone’s permission to get yourself a tattoo of a shark, or even a lion. Similarly, branding yourself a tattoo of a corporate body is just so free, but some people may not buy such an idea. However, for those who had the courage to go through the process and finish […]

15 Cool Freedom Tattoos

Do you want the imprint of the word “freedom” permanently inscribed on your skin? There you are and you are making the decision to have the tattoo on your skin, at least one of the liberal terms you can ever come across in modern day, which is free in use and never lands you in […]

20 Cool Hot Air Balloon Tattoos

Science has always taken the dreams of man to another level and is now even exploding such imaginations in the beauty industry. While hot air balloons were once the prerogative of space tourists as well as weather stations, they are common to find them on the skin of individuals these days in the name of […]

14 Cool Fearless Tattoos Design

The fearless tattoo is one of the trending beauties taking the market by surprise. Perhaps the love of this tattoo stems from the fact that it shows no fear, which is quite encouraging to the person wearing it as well. Popular among men, this tattoo is one of the best, but only if you place […]

24 Cool Lightning & High Voltage Tattoos

Electricity and lightning are two very powerful forces on earth. Many like the look of lightning and how destructive and awesome it can look. There is great symbolism in the lightning bolt that makes it the perfect muse. There are lots of people who see the power of electricity and decide that high voltage tattoos […]

20 Cool Fox Tattoos Design

The fox is one of the many cunning animals around, but different cultures have different perception of this creature as well. As many birds and animals make it to the tattoo world, the fox is also making strides to land some ink on the skin of a few humans. However, this could be a controversial […]