Keyword Research for PPC and SEO: The Differences You Must Know

Both SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) require keyword research, but each approaches the common practice differently. SEO uses keywords to drive more traffic to the website to improve search engine ranking. PPC uses keywords to generate more traffic for a website by bidding on the best keywords to encourage users to click on […]

8 Steps to Effectively Preselling Your Next Online Event

If you’re planning on running an online event, you’re going to want to make sure some people are there because if there isn’t, what good is it going to be? Since an audience is going to be your key to success, here are some simple strategies you can implement to make sure people tune into […]

New World, Old Tricks; How to Use Traditional Marketing Tricks for Events, Fundraisers and Small Businesses

The internet has, allegedly, revolutionised the world of advertising and marketing. In actual fact, many old advertising tricks have simply been adopted by a new generation of tech savvy advertising and marketing executives. While the internet does offer some interesting new ways in which to use old techniques, some of those old techniques can still be used […]

Strategizing Your Facebook Marketing

Just a few years back, social media was deemed to be only for groupies, teens or for those in search of romance and relationships. But this has changed dramatically in the past years. Facebook marketing has grown as one of the highly valued assets to marketers who are struggling to arrive at a certain niche […]

Using PowerPoint for business

Creating a PowerPoint is one of the basic skills that everyone is taught in school, moving pictures around the screen and transitioning through slides is not a difficult skill to master. However when giving a presentation in a meeting room, it should not remind anyone of a classroom or a school project. Use the templates […]

Product Launches Made Easy

Developing a great product that serves a section of the market would be the focus of most companies in the market today. However, getting to the point where you have been able to produce products that people are willing to spend their money on would not be the only factors that you need to think […]

6 Tips for Effectively Designing a Banner

Whether you’re looking to advertise a major promotional sales event, or planning an extra-special occasion with some personalized flair, there are nearly limitless customizable size and color options for indoor and outdoor banner design. Strategic placement, careful layout, and a well-chosen color scheme can all help to make sure that your display is eye-catching and […]

Pinterest 9 Innovative Ways to Broadcast Your Business

Pinterest generates interest through visual attraction Now, don’t go about rolling your eyes like we just stated the obvious. What we mean is that the primary method of engagement has to be pictures that showcase your business and entice people to buy your products in a manner that is similar to wares placed in shop […]

What are the Latest Events Management Trends this Year?

Throughout the years, companies and businesses spent a lot on special events with the help of a dependable events company. These events are not just for publicity, but also a way to spread awareness regarding the products and services that they provide. Recently, spending on these events started to decline. This is due to the […]