The Android App Development Process

Android apps are simply small programs that enable the app to perform certain tasks. The development of an app may not be as intricate and detailed as the development of desktop computer software, but the process is very similar. This article assumes that the developer has a client (which will most likely be you). Planning, […]

The Photography of George Georgiou Show the Clash of Man Versus Modernism

Most of us consider modernity as something that comes upon us gradually and in doses that arrive and are adopted almost unnoticed and without thought. In many places in the world, though, modernization has been garish and intrusive, erupting in a clash between long standing cultural tradition and the homogenizing effect of globalization.   In […]

Benefits of 3D Animation and Visualisation

When you think of 3D animation and visualization, the first thing that may spring to mind is movies. However, 3D animation and visualisation should also be considered as a powerful tool for your business. Several types of businesses from architects, to manufacturers, to auctioneers to marketing agencies, can benefit from incorporating these techniques into their […]

5 Killer Landing Page Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate

Webmasters should always strive to increase the conversion rate of their landing pages, whatever the conversion may mean to them, email sign-up, product purchase, subscription, etc. In order to increase conversion rates webmasters must always test different variations but while testing they should also keep the following 5 elements in mind as they are some […]

Choosing Oil Brushing for Painting

One of the best types of oil brushes a beginner oil painter can use are the ones made from natural pig hair called china bristle brushes. These brushes are durable and tough enough to withstand oil paint while still cleaning up well, plus they make a stable mark on canvases. Sable brushes are also another […]

Current Printing Trends in Australia

Using a reputable printer to create your company’s collateral can make or break your business’s reputation in the eyes of your customers. Poorly printed materials that lack professionalism and character can have a negative influence on your brand. In addition, printing in Melbourne can be costly and working with a printer who is aware of […]

How To Use Video Content to Educate and Inform Your Customers

Steady traffic – from the search engines and your social media promotion activities – is essential for the health of any website. In today’s competitive search marketing environment, you need strategies that encourage searchers to stop and engage with your website, especially if you have an e-commerce web property. If you are looking to win […]

New World, Old Tricks; How to Use Traditional Marketing Tricks for Events, Fundraisers and Small Businesses

The internet has, allegedly, revolutionised the world of advertising and marketing. In actual fact, many old advertising tricks have simply been adopted by a new generation of tech savvy advertising and marketing executives. While the internet does offer some interesting new ways in which to use old techniques, some of those old techniques can still be used […]

Webydo, Providing Professional Web Designers with a Code Free Site Creating Experience

There’s nothing strange about the fact that web designers and other right-brained individuals do their best to avoid handwritten code like the plague. Being creative souls, they can’t afford wasting their precious time on this frustrating, outdated process that actually hasn’t changed much since the 90’s. So, if you’re a web designer looking for a […]

Product Launches Made Easy

Developing a great product that serves a section of the market would be the focus of most companies in the market today. However, getting to the point where you have been able to produce products that people are willing to spend their money on would not be the only factors that you need to think […]