5 Free Excel Alternative Software

Excel is a spreadsheet program provided in the Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the most widely used applications in the whole world when it comes to computing but it comes with a cost attached to the Microsoft package. With many alternatives cropping up in the last decade, many users may consider Excel to […]

5 Useful Free Encryption Softwares

The importance of encryption can’t be ignored as it helps in keeping data privacy within the system. There are programs, with the software that helps in ensuring data privacy for the user. The software all included within the category helps in encrypting all directories, files, drives that is quite important. Here is some top and […]

15 Useful Free Data Recovery Softwares

There are many and number of data recovery system available in the market, all capable of recovering and getting data recovered when accidentaly any file or folder is being deleted. Here is the lists of data recovery software’s that are all free to use and available online for download. Recuva Recuva is a very exciting […]

7 Useful Free DVD Burning Softwares

The free DVD burning software is very handy and ideal for all video, music and data files to burn and use to transfer. There are separate options to use CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. Here are some top and suitable free DVD burning software available for users. ImgBurn ImgBurn is popular free DVD burning software […]

10 Useful Free Webcam Record Softwares

The webcam recording software has all new possibilities and the tool is meant to serve ever individual with new result and benefits. The webcam software is free to use and can be managed easily with easy downloading options. The software allows number of video format that are all available. Here are the lists of top […]

5 Free Screen Recording Softwares

Screen recording has its own importance and with the help of that any individual can create a video, help someone to pass through a game level, help in preparing presentations, and help someone to use a program and many more. Whatever is done on desktop can be recorded with the help of screen recording software. […]

7 Useful Free Personal Finance Softwares For Windows

There are much personal finance software which will provide enough help when it comes to tabulating and keeping all necessary details for future use. Here are some top free personal finance software meant for desktop. GnuCash GnuCash – It is a suitable and best known personal finance tool which comes with separate options and at best […]

5 Useful Free Document Management Softwares

The document management software is an essential tool which is necessary for any system. There are lots of features all coming up with such tools as it is meant to be web based management system with extensible metaday model, can be daily imported from compressed files, full text search around the document and many more. […]

10 Useful Free Accounting Softwares

There are many situations that comes across business and in all such tough phases the best thing to help the free accounting tool that is developed with all new features. There is many such kind of tools and here are few of those mentioned below with advanced features. TurboCASH 5 TurboCASH 5 is a new […]

10 Free MySQL Editor Tools For Windows

There are different types and categories of MySQL software; each has its own way of working. Here is the list of top and most effectively freeware tools that are meant for use. The software tool is useful in making strongest suites and helps in data management and storage with new facilities included. Workbench This is […]