19 Cool Fairy Tail Tattoos

You may have heard of this tattoo before, but you are yet to give it much of a thought. However, if you are planning to acquire such a tattoo for your body, then you should know where it suits best and what it portrays of you. Before that, you need to know that this tattoo […]

18 Cool DNA Tattoos Design

When it comes to secrets of getting the best DNA tattoo, the answer is simple, always go for the best. That is a quick answer, but there is also a quick question, which is the best DNA tattoo? Many people will roll their heads before making up a quick answer as to which DNA tattoo […]

18 Cool Breast Tattoos

Whenever someone mentions of tattoos, the first idea that comes to mind is some funny creature or any other symbol sitting uncomfortably at some place on the skin of an individual. However, breast tattoos are making a difference in this perception, introducing some kind of design yet to be realized by many people with the […]

20 Cool BullDog Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, it is all about beauty and symbolism. However, just as beauty stipulates, there are certain things that you have to get it right to earn the mark. A few tattoos can fit just anywhere on the skin, but another few cannot just come up at any point of the body; […]

22 Cool Alien Tattoo Design

Alien tattoos are generally just as alien as the name suggests. However, they provide a window for variety as well as uniqueness, so you can always move this direction whenever you feel out of options or need to have something unique in the name of a tattoo on your skin. However, with alien tattoos, you […]

22 Cool Crow Tattoos

There is one way that nature connects with beauty and we cannot just explain how and to what extent, they tend to be intertwined in that one cannot do without the other. Whenever anyone talks of representing nature through tattoos on our bodies, creatures of all walks pop up. One of the most exciting bird […]

16 Cute Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosuars are long wiped off the face of the earth. Although scientists provide little information as to how these creatures came to fall out with nature, a few traces of them remain. While many view dinosaurs in the name of ancient and primitive life forms, a few are making beauty out of them. Dinosaur tattoos […]

22 Cool Cowboy Tattoos

Whichever tattoo that one chooses to pile up on their skin, there is some meaning that lies behind it. Well, some people do not know what meaning such tattoos have, only picking them up because of the beauty that they may seem to possess. Well, cowboy tattoos are at least different, different in most cases […]

20 Cool Bear Paw Tattoo

The bear is always a cool and gentle animal that goes about its business without annoying any other creature in the environment, but this should not mean it is weak in any way. The animal has a great source of power and determination to fight to its end whenever anything comes in its way or […]

20 Cool Candy Tattoos

When you are hunting for some tattoo that doubles up the qualities of uniqueness and fun while remaining sexy at the same time, then you are right to look at candy tattoos. The love of women of all ages, they are just what a woman needs to define her world. Although they are not very […]