10 Nice jQuery Full Screen Background Plugins

Websites now utilize background images, videos, or background gifs to give a fresh and charming look to the new website. Now a days myriad of websites are showing off their images as full screen backgrounds We have rounded up 10 best jQuery Full Screen Background Plugins. Hope the list helps you. 1. MaxImage 2. Vegas 3. Vide 4. […]

10 jQuery Mobile Menu Plugins

If your website is not responsive, it is bound to fail in 2015 and the years to come. Responsive is a little peculiar because it requires amazing design which has to be equally interactive. It even gets trickier when it comes to fitting the desktop menu on the mobile. It is becomes too congested to […]

19 Nice Cartoon Style WordPress Themes

To make your website look different from the regular ones, you can choose to put cartoon templates. Cartoon templates are not only for children websites. Cartoon templates can be put onto an adult’s website too. Your website will to be totally different from other websites if you use carton templates. Cartoon templates make everything look unique, […]

5 Awesome Email Design Softwares

Email design software is great help for email marketing. You can easily find many email design software online either in HTML format or in other customized format. These designs formats help to boost your business by giving you many creative ways to illustrate your product. You can also drag and drop features for your help, […]