20 Clever and Creative anti-smoking ads

Clever and creative anti-smoking advertising which will inspire you to quit smoking. Anti-Smoking Billboard Billboard put up by Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrating damage caused by person smoking to his family. The billboard used 15000 butts which were glued together inside a single panel. Anti-Smoking Stickers Effects of Smoking on Lungs A thought […]

20 Innovative examples of guerilla advertising

Advertising has become part of our lives, we consume it every here and there. This makes job of creative agencies harder to make ads that stand out in crowd. Guerrilla advertising is a great tool which agencies and advertisers are often betting on.Once a frisk form of advertising it has now perfected itself by making […]

Radio station going on air from billboard

Outdoor advertising has certainly evolved over time. With companies adapting new technologies ,the static billboards are been replaced by Led based digital billboards. Companies and agencies are constantly thinking out of box to come up with advertisements that may attract eyeballs. Would you had ever seen  ” Water generating billboard”  “A surprising Bus Stop” if […]

10 Creative Examples Of Putting Client Into Elevator

Advertisements can be seen everywhere in our lives be it home, en-route to office, malls or radio. With an average consumer getting exposed to between 3000-5000 brands messages per day; it becomes necessary for advertisers to constantly come up with new and creative ideas to grab the attention they want. Advertisers have used emotional elements […]

Reaching out people with Guerrilla Marketing Posters

The key task while designing and implementing marketing campaign is to catch attention of people. Guerrilla marketing has perfected this technique by targeting consumers in unexpected ways and unconventional places. This once-fringe form of advertising has now been taken up even by large corporations. These 10 posters show just how powerful guerrilla marketing can be […]

15 Creative Washroom Advertising

In the battle of gaining market shares catching eyeballs is a must, so no front is left unmanned, no stone unturned, no washroom ignored… ..As private environment, it is an ideal medium for gender targeted advertising which allows you to convey more of intimate message. Studies show that people approve this kind of advertising. The […]

Pair of shoes equals – nos of cigarette packs

Brazilian shopping mall Palladium changes up price tags for anti-tobacco campaign The best way to get smokers to quit is by telling them how much money they’re spending on their cigarettes. Master Roma Waiteman and Palladium Shopping Center in Curitiba brought that idea to life with “Price Setter.” On eve of National Day Against Tobacco, […]

Trillion Dollar Campaign

For protesting against Zimbabwe’s record braking hyperinflation in October 2008, The Trillion Dollar Campaign was launched in 2009 for promoting newspaper The Zimbabwean as well as increasing awareness of the total collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar. Instead of explaining problems faced by the newspaper creative team of TBWA Hunt Lascaris associated campaign with country’s collapse, the […]

Diesel – Be Stupid

Diesel sparked quite a bit of controversy with launch of “Be Stupid” campaign in 2010. The ads showed men and women in various situations that are considered indecent,unsafe proactive and being stupid,. ASA concluded that ‘ the content of posters was likely to cause serious offense to adults in an untargeted medium and is unsuitable […]

Water Generating billboard

Face of advertising & marketing is changing rapidly due to extensive use of easily available technology. But have you ever come across a water Billboard Generator. Created for University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru with help of DraftFCB in a city that sits in middle of desert with almost no rainfall, area where […]