60 Clever and Creative Condom Ads

The first ad for condom was published in around 1840 in British Newspaper and in 1861 in New York Times. Those were the times when selling of condoms and advertising was condemned by moralists and also by feminists as “Feminists wanted birth control to be exclusively in the hands of women”. But by end of […]

20 Clever and Creative anti-smoking ads

Clever and creative anti-smoking advertising which will inspire you to quit smoking. Anti-Smoking Billboard Billboard put up by Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrating damage caused by person smoking to his family. The billboard used 15000 butts which were glued together inside a single panel. Anti-Smoking Stickers Effects of Smoking on Lungs A thought […]

The weird world of vintage advertising

It would be understatement to say that time has changed over last 50 years. Fifty years ago smoking was cool. Being skinny wasn’t ideal, but women tried to avoid it. Women were to remain home looking after children and doing household chores. And drinking on job or taking cocaine toothache drops was totally normal. Here is collection […]

25 Extremely Humorous Print Ads

Print advertising is a single image platform designed to grab attention of the readers. As advertisers need to convey message in a strong way, it is very important for him to come up with a strong, good catchy and innovative design for print ad. This can be achieved by using humor, visually disturbing images or […]

25 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

Some time back we had showcased the classic vintage ads for Pepsi Cola , look into history of Coca- Cola’s advertising and nostalgic Indian Vintage advertising, which was full of copy, graphics,typography and many more things. So we thought it would be good idea to share some ads from the same era  which would  evoke […]

New Coke commercial is Model of Happiness

Despite of being one of world’s top brands Coca-Cola frequently comes under scrutiny for their high calorie products. Intended for attracting health conscious people, Coke has set out a new campaign singing the praises of exercise and healthy lifestyle. The commercial features animatronic wooden models taking a time-travelling trip back through one happy man’s healthy […]

25 Creative Print Ads Inspired by Fairy Tales

Advertising is great tool for marketers to reach out to masses for product or brand promotions. Advertising can be done in various mediums like TV, Print, Outdoor advertising and many more. Among these outdoor advertising is the oldest form tracing back its lineage to earliest civilizations. It all started with chiseling stones (rock art paintings) […]


There are many advantages regarded to the advertising of the disabled people. It is not their wish to be born so but is the nature factor. The disabled sometimes cannot be ready to show themselves out due to shame or even their families who can have a feeling of not letting them out. The following […]